Aluminium Folding-sliding doors Elegance in a modern design

We present an elegant and functional system of folding-sliding doors, the so-called accordion doors. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the number of parts and the way they open. The system, once correctly assembled, moves very easily. It provides the possibility of almost 90% opening, so it can be used in places where you want, for example, tightness in winter and airiness in summer. 
➡️ Ergonomic solution - Optimum and ergonomic use of space in both small and large rooms.
➡️ Improved interior organisation - Thanks to the ability to fold and slide all the leaves, the interior can be planned freely. The doors take up very little space while opening in the 90% of the entire space. 
➡️ Full access maximum appearance - With folding doors, we have complete and free access to the entire room without having to move the fronts each time. At the same time, all the doors used can be opened by sliding them to one side or to opposite sides, which is not possible with sliding doors.
➡️ Saving room space - When opening, bi-folding doors take up as much space in front of the wardrobe as hinged doors. However, by folding the sash, they only protrude half their width beyond the wardrobe.
➡️ Freedom of arrangement - The variety of fillings, colours and structures allows for striking and elegant designs. 


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