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Winter gardens

A conservatory is a functional solution for increasing the size of the house and creating a cosy place to relax. The name garden itself is not coincidental as it is usually glazed with a view of the garden or landscaped like a cosy flower shop.

Conservatories offer an attractive extension to your property, combining the interior and exterior of your building so you can enjoy unique climates and conditions at any time of the year. In summer, open up the entrance to take full advantage of the warmth and evening climate, as well as providing additional ventilation. In winter, you can enjoy the beautiful views outside in shorts without a moment's chill.
Our conservatories are made with attractive, slim aluminium profiles to achieve maximum field of view. Aluminium conservatories feature a slim profile for better visibility and maximum brightness, without worrying about obscuring the rest of the room. Your home will look brighter and brighter and you will have extra space for a variety of uses. The strength of aluminium also means that larger conservatory designs can be created, with large roof structures and impressive sliding door options with a wide range. Extra room that is easy to maintain
Aluminium frames will never rot or rust. Also, no extra maintenance is needed, just a quick wipe down of the frames with a damp cloth will ensure they have a clean, shiny shine. Once created, your conservatory will be enjoyed for years to come.
Up to 35m2, the construction of a conservatory takes place without permission. All you need is a simple application without any additional fees or formalities.

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Types of conservatory:

Doors and walls:

We are able to produce conservatory walls according to your wishes. We will adapt to your design or suggest a convenient solution.

Doors can open inwards or outwards. Sliding or folding doors can be used on request. Any number of doors.

We are able to manufacture windows in any section on request. Types of windows in walls: tilt, tilt-turn, turn.


Different types of glazing are used in a conservatory depending on the needs. Some will be used in the walls and others in the roof.

BURGLAR-PROOF GLASS (IN THE WALLS OF THE GARDEN) - there are different types.
SAFETY GLASS (WALLS AND ROOF OF GARDEN) - car-type glass to prevent possible injury in case of breakage.
SUNSHINE (WALLS AND GARDEN ROOF) - please contact our technologists for more information.
SOLAR (See additions section)


In gardens, we can incorporate amenities and additions that not only increase functionality but can also enhance the appearance.

See a video showing our realisations of conservatories:

Types of conservatories by thermal insulation:

- COLD GARDEN with one pane of glass

- HEAT GARDING with two or three panes (super warm)


Types of conservatory by roof structure:

Single-pitched gardens - This is the most common type of conservatory because it is added to an existing building.

Gabled gardens - used in stand-alone structures such as sheds, gazebos, garages. Gabled roof used.

Corner gardens - these are divided into external and internal. They adjoin one of the corners of the building. Depending on the design, they can enlarge the outline of a building - external or create an additional room in an existing one.


three realisations of balcony and terrace structures

We offer the option of built-in balconies and terraces. Get an extra, layer of insulation for your balcony. Balcony enclosures are:

  • peace and quiet on the balcony
  • additional layer of insulation
  • wind-proofing is possible
  • freely configurable windows with the possibility to move and open individual sections
  • protection against rain or wind and annoying external dust
  • possibility to store furniture and plants outside all year round

The conservatories combine with our other systems:
aluminium doors
aluminium windows

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