Aluminium facades are modern systems for creating impressive glass buildings with the support of an aluminium structure. They are used, among others, in the construction of banks, hotels, offices, office buildings, sports halls, car showrooms or modern pavilions. They perform excellently where adequate interior lighting is required. In addition to purely aesthetic qualities, facades can create a unique atmosphere inside a building. Zenaluminium offers façade systems based on Ponzio façade solutions. We are one of the few companies in Poland that are able to manufacture and install the latest façade systems, such as mullion and transom façades in several variants.

Aluminium and glass facades are the perfect tool for shaping contemporary architecture and realising the bold visions of designers.

The most popular solution among the facades is the mullion and transom system, however, our offer also includes panel or ventilated facades, as well as those based on the window and door system. In our offer we present only the basic facade systems offered by our company. We calculate each construction individually. We work with more than 20 different systems and do not lock ourselves to just one manufacturer's solution. Aluminium and glass facades are also characterised by extraordinary durability, complete tightness and high thermal insulation. In addition to their structural stability or unique appearance, facades are also highly functional. In our solutions, we also incorporate window systems with the possibility of opening or sliding sash. Such solutions are integrated into the surface and maintain an impeccable and stylish appearance.

Advantages of aluminium facades:

In architectural construction, there are many advantages to using aluminium over other metals. When designing and constructing buildings, it is always important to look at all the possible advantages that metal can offer. We have listed some of the most important features of aluminium and therefore facade structures.

  • Aluminium is very light
    Aluminium facade systems will be easier to install than steel facade systems, for example. This is due to the fact that aluminium is an extremely lightweight metal, weighing one-third the weight of steel. When designing a facade, aluminium will save costs and is easy to install, which is often a barrier when ordering steel structures.
  • Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant
    Aluminium is coated with oxide, this coating naturally protects the metal from corrosion and other atmospheric influences. The more aluminium the better for your building. Aluminium will last for several decades.
  • Aluminium is very flexible
    If you are looking for a flexible metal, aluminium is the best material to choose. It is easy to bend and very flexible. That's why we can easily supply any bespoke aluminium façade system. Also very complex shapes.
  • Aluminium is easy to recycle
    Of all metals, aluminium is a metal that is very easily recycled without loss of quality. Recycling takes very little energy and it is easy to reuse.

The standard facade systems supplied by Ponzio on which we work can be found above.



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