A modern lift-and-slide system for large-size windows. Thanks to the use of a smaller glazing package, the system provides good technical parameters at a lower price than most windows made of classic PVC. At the same time, it retains all the advantages of a window on an aluminium profile. Perimeter sliding door system with thermal break and slanted or rounded sash edge and glazing beads.

There are two versions:
- 4500 lifting and moving
- 4500 standard sliding system

Frames joined at 90º or 45º

The wings slide on a stainless steel rail to avoid wear and tear.


    Maximum glazing thickness: 36 mm

    Possibility of opening:
    Moving 2, 3, 4 and 6 wings
    Possibility 1 rail (1 sash 1 fixed light) and 3 rails
    Galandage option, 1 or 2 wings retractable in the body
    Corner opening possible at 90º without a fixed post

    Cross-section: Frame 100/123/127 mm - 3 rails 185 mm, Leaf 51 mm

    Profile thickness: Door 2.0 mm

    Polyamide strip length:
    - Lifting and moving 24 mm and 14.6 mm
    - Standard slide 30 mm and 14.6 mm

    Maximum dimensions/wing: Width (L) = 3,300 mm, Height (H) = 3,300 mm
    For lift-and-slide hardware: Width (L) = 2,500 mmHeight (H) = 2,600 mm
    For standard sliding hardware

    Maximum weight/wing: For Lift&Slide hardware 400 kg, For standard sliding hardware 280 kg

    For other hole types, consult the maximum weight and dimensions


    - Possibility of bicolour systems
    - Coloured powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
    - Wood-effect powder coating
    - Antimicrobial powder coating
    - Anodised


    Ratio: Uw from 1.5 (W / m²K)
    Please see typology, dimensions and glazing
    Maximum sound insulation: Rw=42 dB
    Air permeability: (EN 12207: 2000) CLASS 4
    Waterproof: (EN 12208: 2000) CLASS 8A
    Wind resistance: (EN 12210: 2000) CLASS C4
    Reference test: 1.85 x 2.05 m.
    1 sash 1 fixed

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