• Lift-and-slide thermally insulated system for SLIM external building elements
  • the profile structure allows large structures to be manufactured, even with 8 wings
  • the structural depth of the sections is 67 mm for the sash and 160 mm for 2-track frames, 247 mm for 3-track frames and 334 mm for 4-track frames
  • the system allows the use of fillings with a thickness of 12-49 mm
  • is characterised by high weathertightness
  • has different variants depending on the insulation inserts used: SL1600 tt, SL 1600 tt +, SL 1600 tt HI
  • doors with a low threshold are possible - no architectural barriers
  • corner connection with a movable post
  • maximum load capacity of the bogies in the standard version up to 300 kg, with additional bogies up to 400 kg sash weight.
  • possibility of using automatic drives
system profile ponzio SL 1600 HI SLIM visualisation cross-sectional view
SL 1600 hi slim ponzio technical drawing with dimensions and description
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