A minimalist sliding door system designed for large glazing with a glass surface area of 94%. Allows maximum light while minimising visible aluminium sections.

It is possible to fully conceal the door frames around the perimeter, while the width of the centre post is just 25mm.

Its unique glazing capacity allows packets up to 54 mm wide to be placed, guaranteeing the best acoustic and thermal properties for this type of system.

Configurations of 1 sash+fix, and 2,3, 4 or 6 sashes are available with maximum height or width dimensions of up to 4000 mm/sash.

The possibility of automated opening has been introduced, allowing the sash weight to be increased to 700kg (up to 400kg with manual opening). Locking with multi-point locks (with espagnolettes), both with and without a key.

The rollers are located in the frame and the sashes have a reinforced inox steel rail, which adds to their softer glide.

The traditional method of installation with a perimeter frame and sashes jammed at right angles allows for easy removal of the sash in the event of broken glass, damaged profiles, etc.


    Visible cross-section of a mullion composite: 20 mm
    Maximum glazing area: 2200mm x 3000mm
    Possibility of hiding the entire frame in the wall by using an additional drainage profile
    Possibility to use a retractable wing in the wall - Galandage
    Sashes can be folded at 90° without a mullion


    Maximum glazing thickness: 30 mm
    Opening possibilities: Moving 2, 4 and 6 wings
    Possibility of 1 rail and 3 rails (1 sash + 1 fixed / 2 sashes + 1 fixed)
    Galandage 1 or 2 wings retractable in the wall
    Corner opening possible at 90º without post
    Widths :
    - Frame - 2 tracks: 116 mm - 3 tracks: 182 mm
    - Wing - 37 mm
    Profile wall thickness: Door 1.7 mm
    Thermal thickness: 16 to 24 mm
    Maximum dimensions/sash: Width (L) = 2,200 mm, Height (H) = 3,000 mm
    Maximum weight / sash: 320 kgFor other opening types, please consult the maximum weight and dimensions


    - Possibility of bicolour systems
    - Powder-coated (RAL, woodgrain and structure)
    - Powder coating - wood imitation
    - Antimicrobial powder coating
    - Anodised


    Transmittance: Uw from 1.3 (W / m²K)

    Please see typology, dimensions and glazing

    Maximum sound insulation: Rw = 41 dB

    Air permeability: (EN 12207: 2000) CLASS 4

    Watertightness: (EN 12208: 2000) CLASS 7AWind resistance: (EN 12210: 2000) CLASS C5Reference test 1.23 x 1.55 m. 1 sash 1 fixed light

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