Triangular window in COR-70 system

We would like to present one of our realisations - a triangular window in the COR-70 system. The innovation is the use of an anti-sun coating. Thanks to it, the inflow of hot air from outside is limited while keeping the cold air inside. With this solution, the window gains a gentle blue glow.
COR family system available on our website:

What are triangular gable windows?

In modern architecture, shapes that are designed to create surprise are very common. The largest possible areas of glazing are designed to maximise visibility. This is why it is so important to make use of spaces in attics or at the gables of roofs. This is where the pitched roof usually comes together, necessitating a triangular windows.

Because of their design, triangular windows are usually made as fixed 'fixes'. In exceptional cases, however, we can also use an off-window crosspiece to create a fixed fix. triangular pivot window. It is a great finishing touch to facades or front glazing in detached houses such as "modern barn„.



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