Aluminium balustrades are characterised by extreme durability combined with a modern look and strength. Due to their characteristics, they are a solution for many years. Balustrades on aluminium profiles allow the combination of both aluminium and other materials such as glass. Possible solutions are available below. Thanks to their flexibility, balustrades can take a variety of shapes. Check the selected system to find out about the characteristics and limitations of aluminium profiles.



Handrails and balustrades made of glass

Thanks to our extensive field experience, we can develop our own glass balustrades. The fact that they have been developed for maximum ease of use. They are strong, aesthetically pleasing and easy to assemble and fit.


Glass Balconies

Also known as French Balconies; we offer glass balconies to suit all needs. This system is distinguished by its attachment to the walls and the bottom moulding, which allows for an aesthetically pleasing installation and an extraordinary appearance.

Openable balcony system

Opening balcony glazing provides a convenient way to expand the home space. Seamless opening balcony glazing protects your balcony from rain, snow, dust and dirt.

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